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SONIC FABRIC is an ongoing work of sound/conceptual art by Alyce Santoro. Editions of an audible textile are woven from audiocassette tape that has been recorded with collages of collected, created, and found samples of sound and music. The fabric emits sound when a tape head is drawn over its surface.



sonic fabric reader and headphones










Sonic Fabric Scroll

SONIC SCROLL: 3' x 24’, Sonic Fabric recorded with Between Stations Sound Collages (sounds of NYC), SLOW NUMBERS installation at SHOW ROOM, NYC, 2012




sonic fabric sails
Photo courtesy Museum of Contemporary Art San Diego

TELL-TAIL SAIL-SCORE, 9'x9' set of 5 prototype sailboat sails inspired by Tibetan Buddhist prayer flags and tell-tails (wind indicators) made of cassette tape often used on sailboats. Each color in the stripe pattern represents a musical note to form a readable musical score. Recorded with "Sounds of 1/2 Life" Edition. 2007




Sonic Fabric Voidness Dress

VOIDNESS DRESS, Sonic Fabric A-line dress and apron with velvet "voidness"(or silence) patch. Recorded with"Sounds of 1/2 Life" Edition. 2008.

"Voidness is Matter, Matter is Voidness." - The Heart Sutra




Sonic Fabric Galicia Edition

The special Galician-edition of Sonic Fabric was commissioned by Sinsal Audio and the Cidade da Cultura de Galicia in Santiago de Compostela, Spain. Artists from this unique and sublimely beautiful part of the world contributed 60 tracks of sound, music, and spoken word. The resulting fabric was made into garments by students at the University of Vigo - Adrian Rivas, Antonio Santos, and David Del Rio. Exibition and live performance took place at the Cidade da Cultura on December 14. 2011. More HERE on the project.




Sonic Superhero

SONIC SUPERHERO DRESS #1. Half beige and half gray, this is the first piece woven from 100 individual cassette tapes recorded with a range of sounds (mix tapes, ocean surf, crickets, wind, Laurie Anderson, Miles Davis, The Beatles, John Coltrane, my high school punk band, etc.). 2003.



Jon Fishman Musical Suit

FISHDRESS (THE MUSICAL SUIT). Custom-made musical instrument/garment for Phish percussionist Jon Fishman woven from sounds culled from his personal audiotape collection (Sun Ra, Hendrix, Coltrane, etc.). The Musical Suit was worn and "played" using tape head gloves on stage during a Phish show in Las Vegas in 2003



Sonic Fabric Sails Gasser Grunert Gallery

TELL-TAIL SAILS (AFTER SANDY): 21' tall brown Sonic Fabric recorded with the Between Stations Sound Collages (sounds of NYC) installed at Gasser-Grunert Gallery, just restored after having been destroyed by Hurricane Sandy. 2013.