Alyce Santoro is an intermedia conceptual/sound artist with a background in biology and scientific illustration. Beginning her career intending to make visible the invisible wonders of science and nature, she quickly became interested in exploring the cultural phenomenon that causes these fields to be viewed as separate, and in the ways that social imaginaries form and can shift.

Santoro refers to many of her multimedia works as philosoprops – devices intended to be used (or at least imagine being used) to demonstrate a concept, catalyze an action, challenge perception, or spark a dialog. The philosoprops offer subtle and sometimes deceivingly playful critiques of the foibles of highly literal, logical, objective, and compartmentalized thinking.

While a philosoprop may have a tangible component, the most important part is the concept...which is freely and easily distributable. Ownership of a philosoprop occurs if and when a person chooses to adopt or embellish upon the idea; the artifacts are secondary.

Santoro's visual and sound pieces have appeared in over 50 exhibitions internationally related to innovative textiles; experimental musical scores; sound and listening; and social action and ecology. Her written works have appeared in Leonardo Music Journal, the Center for Sustainable Practice in the Arts Journal, Antennae, Waging Nonviolence, and Truth-out. She is the author of Philosoprops: A Unified Field Guide, a catalog of her work/an exegesis on the ways that thought – and the phenomena that spark it – shapes culture.

For a comprehensive exhibition history please see: CURRICULUM VITAE (PDF).

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Alyce Santoro on The Art of Science, The Science of Art at The New School's Lang College, August 29, 2005