On the one hand, the first photograph of planet Earth seen from space caused in many viewers a deep sense of our inherent interconnectedness. Suddenly we were all on the same tiny ship in a vast sea of what seemed like cold, dark voidness. On the other hand, viewing Earth from above may have a different effect, as Naomi Klein pointed out in a 2013 interview in Earth Island Journal:

"I think it’s sort of time to let go of the icon of the globe, because it places us above it and I think it has allowed us to see nature in this really abstracted way and sort of move pieces, like pieces on a chessboard, and really lose touch with the Earth. You know, it’s like the planet instead of the Earth."

I find this an interesting paradox...perhaps the image has the potential to both unify and abstract. What if we bring the blue marble down to Earth by placing it on the ground, or in a tree?

These collages were made in three ways:

1. by printing/cutting out the blue marble and adding it to a readymade image

2. by taking a photograph of a cut-out paper blue marble in an environment

3. by adding the blue marble to an image digitally.

I invite others to play on this idea. Please feel free to use the blue marble image I used (click the image below for a hi-res version), or choose another. Please tag #earthfromspace #downtoearth and alyceobvious on Instagram.


earth from space

earth collages in studio

earth in nebula

earth from space coastal scene

evening earth with sailboat

Earth from Space Cornwall Coast


earth in pine

Lincoln Tunnel with Earth

earth from space, tracks in alpine, texas

Earth Heart Man


If the image is a link, it is a work on paper available in the Philosoprop Shop.